Luxion is the leading developer of advanced 3D rendering and lighting technology for designers and artists. KeyShot is the first real-time ray tracing application that uses a physically-correct render engine based on research in the areas of scientifically accurate material representation and global illumination. For over 10 years Luxion and KeyShot have been meeting the visualization needs of creators across all markets, allowing users of all skill levels to create stunning photographic images and animations from 3D digital data. Luxion's customer list includes many of the Fortune 1000 product manufacturers and major industrial design companies including Chrysler, Fossil, Microsoft, Motorola, Procter & Gamble, Skullcandy and SMART Design.

XMD Source
XMD has been a part of the ZBrush community for over 10 years. From the amazing hair brushes to the infamous Dig Brush, XMD offers thousands of ZBrush brushes and alphas to assist sculptors on their way to creating stunning sculptures. With the release of the XMD ToolBox 2.0 Plugin for ZBrush, you can now organize and manage your entire ZBrush asset library. With XMD, you will increase your productivity and streamline your workflow.

XMD Academy
XMD Academy offers an ever-growing library of courses with amazing industry-leading instructors. With every XMD course, you get lifetime access and personal communication with your instructor. Each course is jam-packed with 6-10 weeks of content designed to challenge you. Learning with XMD Academy is a great way for students to boost their skills, and even experienced professionals to level up. Change the Way You ZBrush with XMDSource and XMDAcademy.

For over twenty years, Gnomon has educated many of the world’s best digital artists. Called "the MIT of visual effects" by Fast Company magazine, Gnomon offers a variety of educational options to help students reach their goals in the entertainment industry, with both degree and vocational certificate programs, specialized courses for high school students and over 100 individual courses for professional enrichment.

AnatomyTools / Evolutio - create together arguably the world's finest collection of original, museum-quality, animal anatomy models for artists & medical professionals. Re-created from Real Animals, by an international team of artists, anatomists, vets, exotic animal handlers & history museums. (no animals were harmed in creating these products)

AnatomyTools - is also one of the world's most sought after anatomy consultants for the Game & Movie VFX industries. Instructing both Human & Animal basic to advanced anatomy, including aesthetics, form, function, rigging, Kinesiology. Also tutoring 2D /3D artists in Workshops on Anatomy Training, both in ZBrush & other mediums.

We inspire and equip people to make the world a more creative place. As the world's leading manufacturer of pen tablets, interactive pen displays and digital interface solutions, Wacom brings people and technology closer together through our natural, intuitive interface technologies. Wacom's products have been used by loyal customers to create some of the most exciting digital art, films, special effects, fashion and product designs. They have also played a significant role in making technology accessible in a natural and intuitive way through pen tablets, interactive pen displays, digital interface solutions, stylus products and creative companions. These all make it possible for everyone to express their creativity in digital media, whether they be artists, business executives or people enjoying everyday creativity. Wacom's interface technologies are offered as OEM solutions to leading manufacturers with Wacom feel IT technologies found integrated into the PC, tablet and smart phone products of many strategic partners around the world.

Unleash your creativity and work with unmatched precision with 3Dconnexion. We create the world's most advanced, precise, and comfortable peripherals for design and engineering professionals. Optimized for over 300 software packages, and benefitting from 20 years of R&D, our products help you produce better 3D designs, faster and more comfortably. From the industry-acclaimed SpaceMouse® to the CadMouse, 3Dconnexion products provide a better way for designers to interact with and experience the digital world. With extensive customizability, we make work easier and more intuitive. Sleek aesthetic design and supreme build quality make our products the ultimate reliable and enjoyable tools for the most demanding power users.

Formlabs designs and manufactures powerful and accessible 3D printing systems for engineers, designers and artists. Their flagship product, the Form 1+ 3D Printer uses stereolithography (SLA) to create high-resolution physical objects from digital designs. The company was founded in 2012 by a team of engineers and designers from the MIT Media Lab and Center for Bits and Atoms.

With its powerful, intuitive, and affordable machines, Formlabs is establishing a new benchmark in professional desktop 3D printing. Formlabs also develops its own suite of high-performance materials for 3D printing, as well as best-in-class 3D-printing software.

The Gnomon Workshop was established in 2000 by Alex Alvarez to share professional techniques with artists unable to attend the award-winning Gnomon School in Hollywood. The curated library of over 300 video workshops — over 1,000 hours of training — is available 24/7 with a monthly or annual subscription and covers the entire pipeline of animation and effects production, from concept design and pre-viz to modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting, rendering, and everything in-between. Learn at your own pace with workshops created exclusively by industry professionals to ensure you always have the most efficient and production-proven workflows in your arsenal. Start your free 3-day trial.

MSI is a world leader in gaming, content creation, business & productivity and AIoT solutions. Bolstered by its cutting-edge R&D capabilities and customer-driven innovation, MSI has a wide-ranging global presence spanning over 120 countries. Its comprehensive lineup of laptops, graphics cards, monitors, motherboards, desktops, peripherals, servers, IPCs, robotic appliances, and vehicle infotainment and telematics systems are globally acclaimed. Committed to advancing user experiences through the finest product quality, intuitive user interface and design aesthetics, MSI is a leading brand that shapes the future of technology.

ZBrush Jewelry Workshop is an educational, module-based platform focused on the design and manufacturing of jewelry. Your lifetime membership grants you access to all educational materials, our community of artists and craftspeople, and an ever-expanding library of functional models. As we grow and evolve you will maintain access to our entire site, including all future updates and additions.

Our goal is to teach both new and seasoned ZBrush users along with new and experienced jewelers how to most effectively bring their designs into the real world. We are focused on jewelry, but these techniques and workflows are equally as powerful for making anything that comes out of ZBrush for physical production.

3D Character Workshop specializes in teaching students how to create stylized characters for games and toys. 3D Character Workshop is a new kind of online course that gives you lifetime access to all of the instructional materials and a private network.

New modules, lessons and interviews get added all the time with no extra cost. There is also a very active private network where you can post your work to get student and instructor feedback. 3D Character Workshop is THE course for learning how to make stylized characters for games and toys.

The 3D concept artist is an online academy for digital artists and 3D professionals providing specialised training. Through our online courses, we help students to develop their skills and take their creations to the next level! Our courses and workshops are based on a systematic approach to the learning process, guiding students step-by-step through proven methodologies and workflows that develop a strong skill set, helping artists to materialise their ideas while nurturing creativity.

With a mission of bringing Japanese hobby culture to the rest of the world, Good Smile Company and Max Factory lead the figure industry with innovative product designs and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. The companies offer a wide range of product lines for casual and enthusiast collectors alike, including a catalog of world-class scale figures, the palm-sized Nendoroid action figure series, the highly articulated Figma action figure series, the easy-to-collect ~17cm POP UP PARADE figure series and other product lines from brands Mecha Smile and PLAMAX that primarily feature products with robotic or mechanical designs.